Hello Folks!
All well? I certainly hope so.

So I’m guessing you all have seen “The Perks of being a Wallflower” and compared it with the book.

Here’s a short list I compiled after watching the movie.



7 Reasons “The Perks of being a Wallflower” is overrated

  1. Emma Watson, no matter how hot and lovely, was nothing more than a hot and lovely add-on. I didn’t like her performance. Period. And that coming from a die-hard Potter maniac is HUGE. She was supposed to be a teen who had slept with the all the wrong guys and been kissed by her dad’s boss. What she portrayed was a little girl who was always oh-so-cute and didn’t know birds from bees.          Image
  2. Charlie, the protagonist, talked more like a 9 year old “I see dead people” kinda boy than a high school teenager. His very handwriting proves my point. And he just HAD to be so very truthful in that Truth and Dare game, didn’t he? It’s the rule, isn’t it? Otherwise Freddy Krueger enters your dreams, doesn’t he?                                                                                                                                   Untitled
  3. Everything about Charlie, from his uncanny ability to write to a complete stranger about disturbing things to his disturbing “blackouts” was a highway to Post Movie Depression. I mean really, there has to be a legal limit as to how depressing a person can be.                             Image
  4. Charlie would have been hot had he not been a toddler. I’ve already elaborated upon that.
  5. The movie took longer to complete than Pluto’s orbit around the sun. Seriously.
  6. I didn’t even like the song “Asleep”. Don’t know what all THAT fuss was about.
  7. The one true love story that had a chance of working out, that between Patrick and Brad, didn’t. Image

Now there’s no need to freak out. Yes, I just bitched about a movie everyone on this planet (and maybe even some of the neighboring planets) adores. If there was some way to slap someone via blogs, I’m sure my cheeks would have been red by now. But hear me out, my friends. This is what I felt. So this is what I wrote. No hard feelings.


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