Let’s exchange ears!

Hello Folks!

I hope you all are doing well.

OK so this will probably be my smallest post yet but I just HAVE to share this.

I’d be going back to college in a week. So today my little brother, anxious to see me go after spending the entire vacation with me, affectionately said “Why don’t you give me an ear of yours which I’ll stick on my face and in return I can give you one of mine which you can stick on YOUR face?”. His bright eyes looked up at me hopefully.

And he smiled sweetly. In the ‘Isn’t it the most amazing idea in the world?’ way.

Call me crazy, but I could literally picture him trying to pry off his ear with a knife and then attaching my pried-off ear there with a glue stick. Which, to be honest, I find gross. No matter how cute he is.

Because exchanging numbers is too mainstream. Let’s exchange ears!


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