How the barter system would give me an early death

Hello Folks!

Today’s Daily Prompt on how I would fare on a barter system got me thinking.

If the world worked on barter…well, I think I would suck. I mean, what would I say? Let me give you a book review in exchange for a sandwich? Actually, that could work. Or no, it won’t. People can go buy their own books and review them. They don’t need to pay for the shitty opinion of a shitty girl. I’m actually pretty confused as to how a barter system would work. Will we exchange food for food? That doesn’t make sense. What if I really need a sandwich but the seller doesn’t need what I have to offer in return? I could so very easily starve. And what if someone does like what I have to sell but I don’t like the blanket they are offering in return?


I think I get it. I could always buy the blanket and sell it to someone who wants a blanket in exchange for a sandwich. But this could take years. How do I find someone who wants my stuff in exchange for what I want? For all I know, there could be a guy a few blocks away with a big, shiny, sandwich maker in his hands, pining for the blanket I acquired and then there would be me, looking all around the world for a sandwich. By the time the guy realizes that there’s someone a few blocks away who can sell him said blanket in return for said sandwich, I would have died of starvation and undernourishment.

Needless to say, I wouldn’t fare too well on the barter system.

Would you?

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2 thoughts on “How the barter system would give me an early death

  1. Haha, I’m having sandwich-anxiety here after reading your post! 😀 I think barter systems are only sustainable in small communities because of this flaw that you’ve pointed out– how do you know where to find a sandwich?! 😀 Fun post!

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