Hello Folks!

Let’s get straight to the point. I didn’t like this movie.

Let’s just say that I was expecting something way more interesting. And after all the good reviews, I thought I’d even get it. But no, I didn’t.

WARNING: Spoilers Ahead. Tread with caution


First of all, even though the movie was all about action and suspense, there really wasn’t much of either. They tried to make the story all mysterious (Yeah, we really didn’t think the Bob who tried to blow up the church was a ghost. We are THAT dumb) but really there is only so much you can do with a movie. They tried to get us all mushy over the relationship between Stormy and Odd, which we even would have had they kept it what they initially promised it would be-weird and funny and cool. But it didn’t exactly stay that way. It turned into overly sentimental and protective in, like, the next scene. Stormy, tears trickling down her face after every two seconds, would be all “Don’t go there, Odd one. Cuz I love you” and Odd would be all “Fuck it. I’m still going. Love you too”.

And then there was the whole plot thing, which didn’t work out for me as there was not a single exciting moment.  When they said there was going to be a massive massacre, you’d think the world was going to get invaded by glassy-eyed aliens carrying guns filled with poop. What it turned out to be? A couple of guys not wearing bullet-proof jackets fooling around with guns in a mall. And yeah there was the bomb too, which was a pathetic attempt at mimicking ‘The Dark Knight Rises’.

Along with all that, the movie tried its hand at humor, which was again not that great. I mean, sure there were a few LOL moments, even though I can’t remember a single one right now. But a LMAO moment? No.

AND then there was the whole Stormy dying thing, which I’m pretty sure was one last attempt at making the movie something. It did work a little, in that if she hadn’t died the movie would have been a lot more disappointing. It made me a teeny tiny bit sad.

In short, I wouldn’t recommend it to my worst enemy.  Maybe to the worst one but definitely not the second-to-worst one.

Ugly Nikki’s Rating- 5/10

Don’t forget to tell me how you found it, if at all you saw it.


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