Eleanor & Park: Sweet as a rock candy with extra sugar

Hello Folks!

Ever since I heard about the book a while ago, I just HAD to read it. It sounded like everything I would adore. And now that I have read it, I do adore it.


It has been a really long time since I read a book that put a constant smile on my face. I mean, while reading it I would suddenly realize that I was smiling and I wouldn’t even know how long I had been sitting there with that loony smile on my face.

The book was about how two very different people, Eleanor and Park, gradually fell in love and how their love developed into something so intense that it left you feeling like it was the only important thing in the world. Every moment that they spent together, every word they spoke to each other has been described in such magnificent detail that the characters practically jump out of the book. After every few minutes there would be something that’d make me go “Awwwww…” and I’d find myself smiling yet again.

The story wasn’t too complicated or long but it kept me hooked anyway. There wasn’t a boring moment and I could hardly put it down. Also, it was beautiful how Rainbow Rowell broke the cliché about guys going for hot, slim, popular girls. Eleanor could have looked much worse than she already did and Park would have loved her just as much. It is amazing how once you fall in love even the most bizarre of things about your love seem perfect to you. I literally swooned every time Park admired Eleanor’s freckles or her red hair or even her dressing sense by the end.

When the book ended, I felt pretty sad that I won’t be able to smile any longer. I wished that it had ended a little differently but then again, it ended just right.

Ugly Nikki’s Rating- 10/10

If you want to read the eBook, you have only to glance sideways since I’ve uploaded it for you.


3 thoughts on “Eleanor & Park: Sweet as a rock candy with extra sugar

  1. Thank you very much for uploading the PDF file of the novel. I’m so happy when I find it! :’) really thank u so much. God bless you! 🙂

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