The most bizarre writer deaths

Hello Folks! Writers are crazy people. I’m not even kidding when I say that. They do stupid things. They die stupid ways. Want proof? Exclusively for my beloved readers, I did some research and made a compilation of the weirdest ways in which famous writers kicked the bucket.

1. Sylvia Plath

You might be wondering why this beautiful and talented poet is placed at the top of my list. Well, I’ll tell you why. It’s because she killed herself by planting her head inside her oven and gassing herself to death. No kidding. Legend says that she stuffed wet cloths to seal her kitchen door from the room in which her innocent children peacefully slept. She even wrote a note to her neighbor asking him to call her doctor. God knows why. Baking cookies was just too mainstream for her.


2. Thomas Merton

This poor fellow was out attending a conference in Bangkok. Little did he know it would end up being his last. Apparently, he was taking a bath when he had an inexplicable urge to adjust a fan. Forgetting that he was..well, taking a bath, he got himself accidentally electrocuted by an exposed wire. And writers were supposed to be geniuses.


3. Sherwood Anderson

On a cruise to South America, this gentleman swallowed one whole toothpick while gorging on the olive of a martini. Little did he know that would end up being the last olive he gorged on. The toothpick damaged his internal organs and Anderson died of infection. My take is that he was better off without that olive.


4. Aeschylus

Well there isn’t really much proof available but I don’t think anyone could make stuff like that up. It is said that this ancient Greek tragedian was a victim of a tortoise. Kind of.  What happened was, an eagle carrying a tortoise and looking for a spot to burst its shell open mistook Aeschylus’ bald head for a rock and smashed the creature on it, killing the poor guy on the spot. I always thought bald heads were a bad idea.


5. Tennessee Williams

This famous writer was a victim of his substance abuse. It is said that he mistakenly ingested the cap of a bottle of eye drops, but couldn’t cough it back up due to his subdued gag reflex (thanks to various pills and wine bottles found in his vicinity). Stay sober, kids. You could so easily choke on bottle caps. Death is everywhere


6. Julien Offray de La Mettrie

This French Philosopher died because he was a foodie. Literally. He ate a little too many pâte de faisan aux truffles (truffles, in case you didn’t get that fancy word) and ended up dying due to some gastric disease that developed as an aftermath of all that over-eating. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach but so is his way into the light.


7. Gustav Kobbé

Now this was one tragic death. The American author was pretty fond of sailing and it was while he was on one such rendezvous with the sea that he got hit by a seaplane, swooping down for a landing. Poor fellow died instantly.

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