The One (Song)

Hello Folks!

In response to today’s Daily Prompt: Earworm, I’d say the song stuck in my head is Sweet Child O’ Mine, by Guns N’ Roses.

The first time I heard this song it was by mistake. Maybe it was destiny. Serendipity. Maybe this song and I were meant to cross paths. Maybe we all have a song waiting to be listened to. While you do whatever it is that you do, there could be a musician right now working on a song you are bound to listen to. You are doing whatever it is you do, without knowing that such a song even exists. And the song, yet to be born, is unaware of your existence. Maybe it’s just a few lines long yet. Maybe right now it’s just a couple of keys tapped on a piano or a few strings plucked on a guitar. Maybe it’s just a quote that has found a tune of its own. Maybe it’s just a beat on a drum, whistle through a flute or a melancholy melody accidentally discovered. You wouldn’t know, for you are yet to listen to it. But it’s out there, getting ready to tickle your eardrums with its notes. And when it IS ready, the universe will throw it in your way in any number of ways. You could meet it while on the subway, while eavesdropping on someone else’s playlist. You could meet it while watching TV. You could meet it when a friend introduces it to you, unaware of the role he is playing in the giant game fate has planned out. You could meet it while it is blaring out of a car window and you are innocently walking towards wherever it is you walk towards. And when you do meet it, it will stop you in your tracks. You will forget everything for a second, and just listen to it. It will be like a piece of puzzle that had been missing for so long had finally attached itself. And you’d keep listening. You’d keep exploring each note, each lyric, till there’s nothing left. And you’d know that this is the song you’d be listening to for the rest of your life.

I’m sorry, did I wander and get off point? LOL