Hello Folks!

I hope I find everyone in good health there, as this is my first blog post and I want you guys to brace yourself for a ride full of fun 🙂

And that’s about my introduction. Now without wasting much time, I would just like to get on with it. I’m going to give you reviews of movies, books, stuff I feel passionate about and more stuff. To make a good start towards entering your good books, let’s see how you find my review of Mama. As you have probably guessed, you won’t always get the latest movies. But, hey! A girl can only try!


My review of Mama

Pretty intense movie. It promised to be something different, and kept its promise. By the end I even had the feels.


So the movie started with a mysterious murder. Jeff had supposedly murdered two of his business partners and his “estranged” wife, after which he grabbed his two daughters and ran like hell. After promptly driving his car off the snowy road he went, with his two girls, to an old, “isolated” house he found while squandering the area. There, the ghost of a mentally ill woman who had jumped off a cliff with her baby, losing the baby in the process (like, who does that?), killed him and raised his daughters like her own for five years.

After that, they were magically discovered by a team sent out by Jeff’s brother Luke, who then went on to take them under his care, tactfully choosing to ignore his girlfriend’s discomfort at the prospect of raising two wild, animal-like, shabby, bruised creatures at a time when she had a rock band to take care of. Frankly, Annabel’s tattooed self didn’t look much the mother type anyways, a point she promptly proved by practically hyperventilating when Lily (the younger of the girls) called her (or someone BEHIND her, as the movie later reveals-Take that, Annabel) “Mama”.


As the girls went on to live with their uncle, strange things started happening. Reason? Ghost Mama was jealous of Annabel for being in charge of her “children”. Nothing like having to compete with a psycho ghost for your kids’ affection, eh? Yeah, Annabel had started to turn all softie over the kids now. So Mama was obviously like “Give me back my little playthings or I’ll kill their doctor and trip their uncle over the stairs and mop the floors with my hair and shit”.

In the end, everyone somewhat magically came to know the story behind the Ghost Mama. Annabel had turned from “I like these cute kids” to “These are my fucking children and there’s no fucking way any MAMA is taking them away!” in the bat of a fish’s eye. And so, as Mama tried to pry the girls from Luke’s fingers, killing him in the process-Wait! Is that Luke getting up after Mama literally tore his heart out??-Annabel, in a moment of glory, threw at her the remains of her dead baby. I have to admit, at this point, the skull was PRETTY big to be a baby’s. Anyways, Mama caught the baby in a winning catch, and pretended to be really shocked that it was dead.

Now here I expected the movie to go like this- Mama returns to her grave (or wherever she came from) happy as hell to have her baby back and the girls and Annabel and Luke live happily ever after. Instead, what happens is- Mama threw the dead remains of her baby (for which she had been searching for since 1800 something) and proceeded to take the girls anyway cuz she was a bitch with a capital ‘B’.  In the tug of war that followed, Victoria, the older one, picked Annabel while Lily picked Mama. That’s when the movie turned from horror to tragic horror. I mean really, Annabel was bawling like she had kept Lily in her womb for years. But it was sad nonetheless.


So that’s how the movie ended- Annabel, Luke and Victoria on one team and Lily and Mama on the other.

What I liked? The acting, the somewhat original story and the gripping plot. There were some teeny tiny scary moments as well when Mama caught you unawares. Most of all, both baby Lily and somewhat grown-up Lily was cute as a pumpkin.

What I disliked? Poor Lily had to go away 😦 Also, they should have shown a little more of the five years Mama spent with the girls. A few things were left unexplained, like why Jeff murdered his wife in the first place.

Ugly Nikki’s rating- 8/10