10 ways to get yourself writing, right away!

Hello Folks! I hope, as always, that you all are in the PINK of health.

Now we are all here because writing is our life. Whether we want to be a published Pulitzer-winning author or a famous blogger or just someone sending spam emails to random people, writing completes us. But there is some place we got to start. Right? This post is for those budding writers who haven’t yet found their starting point. So here is a list of stuff that will get you writing right away.

1)      At the risk of sounding clichéd and unoriginal, I’d like to say that the first and foremost task for you is to write something in that journal of yours before it starts to rust. Yes, I know it’s hard and sometimes boring. But seriously, start. If writing is your passion then a couple of pages every night describing your feelings throughout the day shouldn’t be a big deal. Who knows? You might even weave a novel out of it.

2)      Write about everyday objects you see. No matter how mentally ill that sounds, just the simple task of describing a pen in front of you, or an empty glass, will do you a world of good whether you realize it or not. And starting a story with that description is even more interesting!

3)      Rome wasn’t built in a day. Keep that in mind before you commit suicide for not completing your novel by the New Year’s Eve. Start by writing short stories about ANYTHING. Even if it’s about a kid’s mom waking him up in the morning and his reaction to it. Here is a website that will give you tons of creative ideas. It has helped me a lot.


4)       Sit down for a moment and think of a famous proverb. Any will do. Done? Now write a short story, or even a small paragraph around it.

5)      Have you ever truly felt happy? Like, cloud nine happy? Maybe the day that cute guy/girl said ‘hi’? Maybe the day you got your first paycheck? Yes? Write about it in detail.

6)      This is the opposite of the previous point. Have you ever felt like the life was sucked out of you? Maybe when you found out you didn’t win the lottery? Or when someone you loved left you? Write about it in detail.

7)      Do you have an enemy? Or someone you hate with all you have? Your boss? A teacher? Your sister? The cleaning lady? Write a story with him/her as the protagonist. You are free now, my child, to build on all those gory fantasies. Enjoy.

8)      Obviously you have a crush. Everyone has that one guilty pleasure crush they can’t seem to get rid of. I too, have one and god only knows (actually, I hope He doesn’t) what I’ve done with him in my fantasy world. So go on. Write a story where you two meet and go for a dinner and……your fantasies rule yet again!

9)      Make a list. It can be anything from “50 things I’ll do before I die” to “50 ways I’ll make my annoying brother weep tears of blood”.

10)   Take out your notepad and make a heading -“My goal for the next (insert number here) days”. Now write a page about what it is and what steps you are going to take to accomplish it. And don’t give me crap about not having a goal. Everyone has it. If you don’t, you still do.

So then guys. I hope my list was a nudge towards getting you writing SOMETHING. Now whatever it is, enjoy it 🙂

And don’t forget to share with me your own little tricks on picking the pen up, right away!